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Top ways stress is deteriorating your skin

Today’s lifestyle comes along with the curse of stress. The college-going as well the job-doers are struggling with daily-life stresses. While we cannot do anything to get rid of the tension and stress, we can at least take care of ourselves. Most of the times, an unhealthy skin is the outcome of stress and to stop letting stress deteriorate your skin you need to eat healthy food, get an adequate amount of sleep, try exercising regularly and drink plenty of water. Listed below are some the damages that stress does to your skin.

  1. Flaky and dry skin: Often people combat tension and stress by drinking lots of coffee or any other caffeinated drink and forget to drink enough water. This when the skin gets dehydrated resulting in a crepe-paper texture.

To avoid a dry and scaly skin keep yourself completely hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day and instead of having caffeinated drinks go for green tea, which is healthy for your skin and your body too.

  1. Visible fine lines: Furrowing of the eyebrows and pursing of the lips surely leaves out some traces. If these visible lines aren’t managed early can lead to wrinkles or sagging of the skin.

You need to conscious in order to give up the habit of making such facial expressions. Also, get some time out for yourself to take a walk in fresh air to clear your head out or take a calming bath to prevent your nerves from bursting out.

  1. Face filled with Acne: Dealing with puberty wasn’t enough that now you got to deal with the acnes resulting from a stressed lifestyle. When you are taking too much tension your body starts releasing the stress hormone –cortisol which is the main cause for the breakouts in the skin.

To protect your skin from getting all blemished or full of acne you need to develop a healthy eating habit and exercise regularly. Focus on breathing exercises to calm your anxiety down.

  1. The Face looks flushed: While under pressure we often tend to take shallow breaths which often lead the face to turn red. This sometimes can be a pretty embarrassing situation to deal with.

However, you can practice breathing to calm your senses down, drink a glass of water and recall some happy memories to lighten up your mood. This procedure surely sounds simple but can play an important role in keeping your skin healthy.

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