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Top ways to monetize the mobile applications

Once you have developed a mobile application successfully, what comes next? You can monetize the app to expand your business into a whole new different level. That’s right! The app created by you will not just work as a tool for your client to have a better form of interaction but also work as a source of extra income for your business. Let us tell you about some of the top ways to monetize your mobile application.

  1. Add advertisement to your app: Adding advertisements to earn money from your app is one of the best ways. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of it, you must install this feature in the mobile app that you have created. In today’s scenario, on an average people spend at least 90 minutes of their using their mobile phones. However, no one would be much eager to pay for the apps that they spend most of their time on. They will more often than not try to look for a free alternative. Therefore, to make your app famous while earning some money from it you can make use of the advertising services.
  2. Let your customers log-in through their e-mail: When the users log-in from the e-mail id you will be able to send them campaigning ads time and again via their mail id. This will keep your app in the forefront and there are high chances for the users to engage with the content too. This will increases the chances of users purchasing from your business. To further boost up your customers from engaging with your app using their email id, you can tempt them by adding some extra benefits for the email log-in users.
  3. Work on a strong code-base: If you build your app with the help of a strong code from the ground level and later it proves to be successful; other brands will surely approach to purchase the coding. Even if you share your coding with some other company, the experience of your users will not be sacrificed and you will continue to earn money too.
  4. Implement the premium version tactfully: As we have discussed above, users are not much fond of paying money for downloading an app. However, you can allow your users to experience your app for a while and then introduce the premium version. Once the app users have known about the benefits that your application provides they will definitely be enticed with this trick.

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