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How to bless your water and its importance

As we all know that water has memory and we can ask the water or we can tune the water in order to have whatever we want in our life. Let’s be specific and talk about health.

For living a good life we should intake at least 7 to 8 liters of water in a day. What I think is that why don’t we utilizes this because we all need water for living, so why can’t we do something to make that water more blessed and powerful? Because the water travels a lot, it flows down the river, reaches the water tanks and then finally supplies to us through the tap.

We have to be very mindful while drinking the water, as I said that water has the energy so let’s also focus on that how we should clean the energies of the water and then put some affirmations after that image some pure lights into the water and then you can drink the water. This will attract the good health as it attracts a good life. Here we will discuss that, when I say that you can clean the water.

When you take the water in the pitcher or the pot, after filling it full ask the water that from the place you have come travelling, I would want that you erase all that memory of yours and once it is been done, then after giving some time, start meditating, keep your hands, keep left hand on the water bottle or the pot, you need to imagine that pure divine light from the universe is going within it and you are getting better in every way after drinking this water.

This is a very good affirmation that you can use. Also, people who believe in crystals can take clear quartz tumbles and charge them with the good intention so they can put the clear quartz crystal into the pot and the picture from which they drink water. This will clean and purify the crystal energy every time you pour in the water. This is the best way of drinking mindful water and becoming conscious of what you are taking inside your body because when we say that our own body is a temple we have to very conscious of what we are eat and what we drink.

By: Dr. Priya Kaul Spiritual Healer(Hope Creator)

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