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Total body rejuvenation: Get beautiful from the inside

Total body rejuvenation: Get beautiful from the inside newspatrolling

Paying attention to your appearance is a good thing. We all know that we feel confident when we look good. Not just that, a bit of primping is essential as it reflects our overall sense of well-being.  Here is some expert advice on how to look amazing on the outside and feel great inside. After all, that’s what defying your age is all about.

 Ageing is a natural process; our cells and organs degenerate as we grow older. Today’s lifestyle — stress, processed food, pollution, long working hours and lack of physical activity — makes ageing set in early. The usual and most visible signs of ageing are lack lustre skin, wrinkles, age spots, hair loss, and setting in of degenerative diseases like diabetes and arthritis.

But fret not.  In labs around the world scientists are working overtime to stir up magical formulas and coming up with products and procedures to help you revitalise, rejuvenate and stay beautiful. We bring you the latest therapies to defy your age challenge.

Laser & IPL Therapy: Your Passport to Unblemished Skin

If age spots are bothering you, you could go in for laser therapy or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to get back smoother, even-toned and younger looking skin. Both are convenient, safe, and fast.  In IPL light of certain intensity is emanated to clear the age spots. Generally used to treat the face, these procedures can also be used to treat the epidermal consequences of exposure to sun on other body parts especially arms and back. Laser treatment does two things: Removes the existing pigmentation which is the cause of the unwanted spots and stops the formation of fresh melanin in the area.

For those of us plagued by hyper pigmentation problem there is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy. In this procedure 10-20 cc of the client’s blood is taken and platelets from it separated by centrifuge, and injected into the affected area. A lot of clinics and practitioners, today, offer laser, IPL and PRP treatments. But it is important to go to clinic which has both expertise and technology to deal with different skin types. Remember, the right doctor and the right equipment makes a world of difference to the efficacy of the treatment procedure.

Lipokraft:  Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Therapy

It is an advanced treatment that reduces scars and stretchmarks using Adipose Derived Stem Cells. It is a natural procedure to restore skin youthfulness. Any injury, burn, wound or any other trauma such as surgery can cause a scar. However, the choice of treatment for scar correction depends on multiple factors. Simple or superficial scars are easy to conceal. But when the scar is large or deep and not concealable, one needs specialised treatment to get rid of it. The LIPOKRAFT Skin Rejuvenation treatment helps the skin heal without any scarring. That’s the reason for the popularity of this treatment. It is a holistic procedure with a natural healing process and negligible side effects.

Cell Therapy:  For Good Health And A Younger You

Cell Therapy is a 360 approach for a better you. There are clinics which offer stem cell total body rejuvenation programs for a long lasting and positive transformation characterised by good health and total rejuvenation. The key to successful stem cell therapy is right diagnosis and customised procedures using state of the art technology and scientific testing for bio-markers of ageing.

Stem cells have a unique ability to replicate into new cell types. This unique ability allows it to recharge and revitalise your body. With the introduction of activated stem derived from your bone marrow or adipose tissue, your body experiences a spur of energy, stamina, mental ability, higher hormone levels and renewed sexuality. You can reverse the clock by as much as by 10-15 years, with this simple, painless and safe procedure devoid of risks of infections, allergies or rejection.

Cell therapy not only improves your skin texture, wrinkles and hair quality, but can even lower blood pressure, increase joint flexibility, improve immune functions, blood parameters, digestion and memory. Today, the procedure is being used to manage degenerative diseases, like diabetes and arthritis, allowing you to break free from pain and enjoy a better quality of life and greater longevity.

While cell therapy repairs and revitalizes your organs, a good deal of improvement comes from counselling, weight management, diet regulation, stress management and cardio-vascular management which are all part of the holistic  package offered by good clinics.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy: Restore Your Sex Drive

 This is a new therapy that is available and becoming increasing popular.  Bioidentical hormones are hormones synthesised to look, perform and replicate the functions of hormones that are naturally produced by the ovary. These hormones replace what is missing in the female body so that it has all it needs to feed and perform the way it was originally designed for. Bioidentical hormones are administered through the bloodstream and perform just like the original hormones that were to be produced by a healthy body. Scientifically proven, bioidentical hormones are the molecular keys that the body can automatically recognize and utilize to establish the right balance. Bioidentical hormones therapy relieves menopausal symptoms, improves mood and sex drive, plumps up reproductive and organs and reduces risk of heart and bone complications.

New Kid on the Block:  Genome Health Assessment

This is a new kid on the block as far as revitalising and rejuvenation is concerned.  Genomics play a vital role in 90% of life threatening diseases. The introduction of genome studies in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan helps in understanding the risks of diseases associated with all types of people.

Genome Health Assessment procedure studies the mutation in ageing and metabolic diseases genes through saliva and blood tests and through micro-trace elements analysis. This assessment helps in the treatment of a wide range of diseases like Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s which can be life threatening if not diagnosed at the right time. There are customised unique diagnosis plans to help create the most accessible and affordable treatment plan. 

O Cell:  Autologous Cell Concentrate

It’s derived from patients own blood and centrifuged. It contains anti-inflammatory cytokines and Growth Factors which repair and restore damaged cell and tissues. It also gives the volumising effect in vaginal Rejuvenation.

By: Dr Prabhu Mishra


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