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Tourism flourishes in Bihar despite liquor prohibition; 68% rise in tourists

Those who were thinking that after the prohibition of alcohol in Bihar, the tourism industry in the state will be in dire straits, they have in fact been proved wrong. According to Bihar Government Department of Tourism, in the year 2016-17, arrival of domestic tourists in Bihar has increased by 68 percent and arrival of foreign tourists has increased by 9 percent. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar seems to be very excited about this. He said that those who were propagating that after the prohibition of liquor in Bihar, the tourism industry will be in dire straits, this is the answer for them. According to statistics, in Bihar, in 2015-16, there were 1 crore 69 lakh tourists, whereas in 2016-17 it has increased to 2 crore 85 lakh.

Nitish Kumar also said that due to the prohibition of liquor, the purchase and sale of other consumer goods has increased, which has largely compensated the state’s revenue loss due to liquor prohibition. More than 90 thousand people were sent to jail for the smuggling of alcohol. At that time, protesters used to say that the Bihar government would suffer tremendous losses due to prohibition, because the state government’s earnings under liquor policy was Rs 5000 crore. However, according to Nitish Kumar, the government has compensated it by putting new tax.

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