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Tours you must take before 30

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From 29 years to 30 years, we feel we have jumped one more generation ahead. We still feel young at 29 but once we turn 30, we start feeling old. However, for travellers, the travelling ignition remains on always. For the travel enthusiasts, age does not matter much but we are here with some destinations that you must travel before you turn 30.

We are saying so because one should make the most of his 20s, and this period of 10 years is your last chance to stay young. Young at mind, young at health and young at heart. So, if you are about to turn 30 and you are looking for some fun and adventure, embark on a journey with your friends and pick up one of the destinations from the below list:

  • Andaman

Enough to mountain hiking and this is the time to dive deep into the Indian Ocean to observe the extravagant marine life. Try scuba diving and get rid of your hydrophobia while you explore the amazing aquatic species in the ocean. Andaman is one of the popular places in the world for scuba diving and if you are looking forward to a honeymoon in Andaman, the scuba diving with your better half will be a lifetime experience.

  • Paris, France

Do we even need to say why have we added Paris to our list of destinations here? For any holiday, Paris is always a good idea. Nothing can go wrong as far as you have selected Paris as your holiday destination. Walk through the crowd near the Eiffel tower and go straight to the top of the tower to have a breath-taking view of the world.

  • Dubai

Dubai is a marvellous city in the Middle East and it boasts of its tourism friendly environment. Dubai is one of the most travelled cities in the world and the city has everything to please the soul of the travellers. From serene beaches to arid desert, from mountain hiking to water sports, from shopping to observing the Arabian culture, Dubai has to offer a pot-pourri of activities to its tourists. Check out the honeymoon tours of Dubai and see how marvellously things are arranged for a couple. You must visit this vibrant city before you turn 30.

  • Machu Picchu, Peru

Before you turn 30, you must walk into the ancient Inca city, which will provide you with the most magical experience in the world. This was built in the 15th century and later it was abandoned for some reasons. The buildings are intriguing, the walls are huge and the sophisticated dry stones are what make this land a must to be added to your bucket list. If you are looking forward to an other worldly experience on your holiday, Machu Picchu in Peru is an ideal option to go for.

  • Nepal

After so much of fun and excitement, how about going up towards the mighty peaks of Himalayas and exploring the pristine hidden regions of Nepal? Try out the trekking tours in Himalayas from Nepal and secure an amazing experience for your life. Embark on this beautiful trekking experience and contemplate the soulful sceneries to take home the marvellous memories. The Everest Base Camp, the Annapurna Circuit, the Langtang valley treks are the most popular ones.

  • Ladakh

Before you enter the threshold of 30, a Ladakh bike trip is a must. The small and pristine valley in Kashmir is awaiting your presence. Stay under the clear sky, manage in the low oxygen zones and try the Chadar trek to experience the walk over the frozen Zanskar river, there is nothing left to ask for more. Everyone should travel to Ladakh at least once in his lifetime. Add the place to your bucket list now.

  • Rome, Italy

The mighty capital city of Italy is a place that you cannot explore completely in just one visit. After the first visit, the city will give you 100 more reasons to come back. Explore the city with your friends, family or better half and contemplate the blend of modern world art with the ancient European architecture. Look at the ruins of the Colosseum and let the ancient Roman power evoke within you.

  • Barcelona, Spain

Do you wish to stay awake whole night, boozed out, reaching home at 8 AM and having the breakfast at 2 PM? Well, reach Barcelona, which is the most talked about place in the world. It is the second most populated municipality and Spain. The city is popular for its art and architecture. The amazing parks, the landmark churches, the museums, the parties in Ibiza are all going to blow your mind away. Reach Spain and regain your life.

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