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Traditional Food and Drinks of Andaman Island:

Andaman Island is one of the top favourite destinations for travel lovers. This fascinating Island remained flocked with tourists especially from October to May as these months are considered the best time to visit Andaman.

Along with bewitching scenarios, this place also offers appetizing cuisines to satiate your food cravings. Yes, the authentic local dishes of Andaman have pledged to spice up your tour.

Seafood is the main element of Andaman cuisine, and you will find numerous new seafood dishes which you have never ever tried in your life! Already having a mouth-watering feeling? Let’s make it more intense by knowing about these local dishes and drinks of Andaman:


  1. Fish Curry:

Fish is the main ingredient of many local dishes in Andaman. Fish curry is one of the yummiest dishes that are prepared with fish. The Andamani Fish curry is marinated and blended with a variety of Indian spices while cooking. Locals serve it with rice to balance the tangy taste.

  1. Grilled Lobsters:

Seafood lovers should not miss the lobsters in Andaman. This special dish is prepared with fresh lobsters, garlic, butter, parsley and cloves. You will surely order more after having one plate of grilled lobsters. You can also try tandoori and stuffed lobsters in Andaman.

  1. Prawns:

Prawns can add a unique taste into any meal, be it your lunch or dinner. Foreigners love dishes made up of prawns, and there is a wide variety of such dishes in Andaman. You can have curried prawns, dry prawns or prawns with rice and noodles. Each dish will make your urge for more whether you are a seafood lover or trying it for the first time!

  1. Tandoori dishes:

If roasted dishes are the reason for your extra cheat days then, you are going to love food of Andaman. Yes, there are a plethora of roasted options ranging from chicken to fish, cottage cheese, crabs, prawns, lobsters and what not! Try as much as you can, and we bet you are going to have a burst of delicious tastes in your mouth.

  1. Squid fry:

The list of local food is incomplete without the popular marine species that is,squid. Try squid fry in any popular restaurant in Andaman. Squids are marinated with turmeric powder, chilli powder and pepper powder and then, fried until they become crispy in this dish. You will surely miss this spicy dish after returning back.

  1. Coconut Water:

Your dining experience wouldn’t be perfect without accompanying local dishes of Andaman with cool drinks. There is no dearth of coconut groves in Andaman that are the main source of fresh coconut water. You can get coconuts of all sizes and prices to quench your thirst. There are many bars and pubs that also offer coconut water-based drinks.

So, never miss a meal in the excitement of visiting the beautiful beaches of Andaman. Food is as important as the vistas in Andaman Island. Eat without any worries on your trip to Andaman.

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