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Transgender activist to build special foster home for sex workers’ kids

Moved by the plight of sex workers’ children who often have to undergo much suffering, transgender activist Gauri Sawant has decided to do something transformational for these children. She is planning to build a foster home, which would be a special one, since it will be called ‘Nani ka Ghar’ (grandma’s home) and will be managed by old transgender persons, who may not be actively employed. She said that this home will keep the children away from prostitution and it will also allow them to focus on their education, lead a good life and secure their future. The conventional practice is to put orphaned children of sex workers in specific hostels, but it does not solve the problem since the children have trouble explaining that their mother was a sex worker and that they are living in a hostel.

Gauri said that the foster home she is planning to build will allow the child to say that they live at their nani’s place. Gauri has already identified a 2000-square-foot land to build the specialized foster home. This land is located in a small village near Mumbai. She has also raised money for the foster home in collaboration with crowd funding portal Milaap. “We are planning to have a kitchen, a hall and an office on the ground floor, and a large hall upstairs. There would be common washrooms. And one nani for every two children,” she said.

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