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Travel to India to Discover the Authentic Hindu and Sikh Traditions In 2019

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Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world and, at the same time, among those that count the greatest number of holidays. The passing of the centuries has changed many things in India, but the celebration of religious traditions remains one of the popular priorities. In the wake of Hinduism the caste of Sikhs, religious and warriors, founded their faith in the 17th century, and defended it by celebrating it. Who wants to capture the true essence of the country he visits. Here then, with three beautiful itineraries you can discover many wonderful festivals that, as a Hindu tradition, are an integral part of everyday life. Full days dedicated to singing, dancing and colors, because religion is a party in these parts,

  1. Desert Festival

The Rajasthan is one of the most fascinating areas of India , and this tour allows you to admire the city of Jaipur and Jodphur, the capital Delhi and the unmissable Taj Mahal . The gem is Jaisalmer , known as the “golden city”, which, from 17 to 19 February  2019, hosts, as every year, the Desert Festival. Three days of celebrations, waiting for the full moon, during which artists, dancers, performers and performers come from all over Rajasthan on camel back in their colorful costumes, animate the romantic city surrounded by dunes. Music, markets where you can buy original products, beauty races dedicated to camels … a taste of pure India.

  1. Holi Festival

Dedicated to one of the most famous traditional Indian events is the Holi Festival.  The Holi Festival takes place in all over India 20- 21 March 2019. One of the most famous features of this festival is the presence of the very colorful powders (‘gulal’ in the local language) that are used to light people and things (something remotely similar to western color races) Run to be clear). Also in this case what is celebrated is the full moon of the coming month, and the tradition of Holi has its roots in the mists of time: hints can be found even in writings of the 4th century. The night before Holi religious rites are celebrated in front of the fire, and we pray for the destruction of the inner evil, while the following day we sing and dance to celebrate the rebirth of our spirit.

  1. Hola Mohalla Festival

Choosing the HOLA MOHALLA FESTIVAL tour ,  you can dive into the fascination of a world that comes directly from the past. The Hola Mohalla takes place in Anandpur from 20- 21 March 2019. The Holi is just over, and we are in the state of Punjab, precisely in the “city of bliss” of Anandpur Sahib.This event has been held since 1699, when Guru Gobind Singh Ji founded the Khalsa faith – the current Sikh religion – during which he decided to give life to simulated battles to prepare the people for weapons, fighting and acrobatics, music and prayers, souvenirs and food. City ​​is celebrating, while the colors brighten the atmosphere, between saris and turbans.

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