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Treat yourself with a swim of a lifetime at Krka Waterfalls in Croatia

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Travelers and all those looking for something glamorous, yet affordable on their next vacation – we’ve got the right place for you! Everyone dreams of swimming under the waterfall! Something that sounds exclusive to big spenders and the Hollywood elite can become the reality for all travelers who go to Croatia! 

A country on the south of Europe, famous for the crystal clear Adriatic sea, amazing islands, beautiful girls, olive oil and sunshine is a trending vacation destination for travelers around the world. While most enjoys tourist hotspots and amazing beaches, some choose to look beyond and treat themselves with a swim under the waterfall. 

Krka Waterfalls from Split – the tour of a lifetime 

Krka is a national park in Croatia, famous for its beauty and pristine nature. But most of all for amazing, eye watering, majestic waterfalls. Best of all – waterfalls are not just for marveling from the distance and taking fantastic photos – you can swim right under them! 

Krka Waterfalls is the only national park in Croatia where visitors can swim beneath majestic waterfalls. Not just any torrent with water droplets splashing – think big! 800 meters wide and 400 meters tall travertine waterfall system that looks right out of a Hollywood blockbuster.  

How to get to Krka? 

Once in Croatia, travel south to the amazing town of Split. An ancient place packed with beautiful buildings (including world famous Diocletian palace – Roman emperors summer residence), amazing culture and clear blue sea.  Even better, since Split has an airport, you can land there directly. 

Once in Split, take the Krka Waterfalls. Kind Tourist guides will greet you and soon you will be on your adventure towards the pristine nature oasis Krka Waterfalls park of nature. In less than 2 hours of scenery drive, you will be at the park of nature and your real holiday time will begin! 

Krka national park – pristine nature, majestic waterfalls 

Krka national park is a series of lakes and waterfall cascades surrounded by lush vegetation and green forests. If it sounds like a place to be – have no doubt – it is! Warm temperatures, Mediterranean climate, kind staff at the park of nature and the swim of your life is guaranteed to become a lifelong memory. 

Once in Krka, you will go to the iconic and the most photographed area called Skradinski buk – a majestic waterfall system where swimming is allowed. 

Next is time reserved for pure pleasure. Get in your swimming gear and dive in! Swimming beneath majestic waterfalls is an experience you won’t get to have every day.   


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