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The latest technology has rapidly changing the faces of people actions and things. The manufacturing is the emerging technology that has making serious impacts on traditional tooling and processors. The International center for the Manufacturing technology at Chicago has come up with new car that printed with 3-D for its full function. This car is going to be the full scale, functions that was done in 44 hours and assembling has been done in 2 days.

The car named as “Strati” that means in Italian as layers; it was given by the automotive designer Michele Ano’e. The total structure of the car is made up of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (A.B.S) layers. Usual cars use to have over 20,000 parts but these Strati have minimized the mechanical components by 40 parts. The car was made with reinforced carbon into a single unit. The achievement of this idea is to reduce the components; consequently to drop the tooling cost said John B.Rogers, chief executive of local motors, Harvard-educated U.S marine. Also he added that cars are ridiculous complexes comparing to numbers of pieces and bits that are assembled.

This technology takes varies metal, plastics, composite materials to build in intricate detail. Customers tend to look for, they want it, where they want it and hoe they want it , this completes this technology disruptive in the same digital technologies by Amazon ,Apple. How amazing it would? If you could design your own car in fraction of days. But, this technology doesn’t work out with antique cars for the replacing of machinery parts.

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