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Trends of 2018

We’re always looking a season ahead to find the next ‘It’ item or trend. 

  1. Social trends

There’s so much on the horizon in the social media arena in 2018. Instagram Stories is a big deal and they’re not going away. Daily viewers of Instagram Stories surpassed daily SnapChat viewers just one year after launch, and the growth isn’t stopping.We’re going to see a lot more of livestreaming in 2018. The smartphones of today are better than what we used to have. Furthermore, our data speeds are better, and are poised to make yet another insane leap in the next few years when 5G becomes the standard. The resolution of an image the size of a phone screen can only get so good before you have to zoom in to see a difference.

  1. Fashion trends

Nowadays it seems people are no longer ashamed of wearing their luxury logos from head to toe. Gucci! Burberry! Balenciaga! Versace! The fashion world has renewed its love affair with the logo for spring/summer 2018 and it’s bigger, bolder and brasher than ever before. With ‘Purple’ announced as the Colour of the year by Pantone it seems most of the stores will be stocked with apparels of this vibrant hue.

  1. Tech trends

These days the talk of the cryptocurrency has been a hot topic and there is no doubt that there will be more innovations and ideas, and people will most likely try to avail the latest or trendiest, be it devices, gadgets or internet based facilities. Before smartphones existed 10 years ago, most people would consider spending five hours daily staring at your phone as crazy. In 2018, the bent-neck trend will start to reverse itself. Augmented reality entertainment is in huge demand, and major brands are taking notice. Thanks to the introduction of affordable augmented reality glasses, our phones will remain in our pockets and this will improve how we work, shop, and play.

Trends set by famous personalities and leading companies of course influence our behaviour. It is a well-known fact that trends are dynamic and subjected to change at any point of time; they come and go and are replaced by some other eye-catching yet temporary trend. As human beings whose wants and desires are unlimited, we are constantly on the lookout for new and fresh ideas.

By: Iarisa Nongbet

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