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Trends that will make this Diwali exciting

Diwali is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated across India. The festival of lights is welcomed by millions of Indians with elaborative rituals including re-decorating home, offering prayers, lighting oil lamps, making vibrant rangoli artwork, exchanging gifts and more. And even though Diwali is celebrated for a day, Indians orchestrate the fest for almost a month in advance. People from across the country indulge in various traditional celebratory events such as family meet-greet, playing classic games and preparing & sharing special delicacies. With just a few days to go, one can already feel the frenzied excitement that is part and parcel of this festival. Let us peek into some of the not-to-miss Diwali trends that will make the fest a delightful experience for all.

  1. Being fashion-forward: Stay at the top of your game this Diwali when it comes to fashion with the latest fusion dresses, a new fad among the youth. Typically, a fusion dress brings the best of the both – western wear and traditional Indian wear, offering more contemporary styles combined with vintage allure. From top-notch fashion brands to local tailors, all are well equipped to offer beautiful fusion dresses that can add charm to your personality on the special day of the festival.
  1. Playing cards with a digital twist: Folklore has it that playing cards on Diwali is auspicious. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and easy access to online games/gaming apps, you can now play cards anywhere, anytime with friends or with other card playing enthusiasts. Many avid players prefer going online to play poker, aka Teen Patti in our desi language. The trend of playing cards online is going big since many migrants to the cities are away from home during the fest, but don’t wish to give up on fun rituals.
  1. Challenge your friends online with Likee’s Diwali campaign: Likee, one of the most popular apps in India, has introduced a new campaign to make Diwali more fun for their Indian users. To participate in this unique and entertaining campaign, you can challenge your friends on Likee platform to guess the gift you desire to have this Diwali. Every right guess can possibly grab you a chance to win an exciting giveaway from Likee; meanwhile it is a fun way to see how much your friends know you.
  1. Green Diwali is the best Diwali: As harbingers of change, the youth are alreadyditching the massive firework that was part of traditional Diwali celebrations. As ‘Green Crackers’ take centre stage, you can re-live the firework celebrations without feeling guilty. Readily available in nearby markets, you can grab some of the green patakas, that emit less harmful chemicals and produce low sound, making Diwali exciting for everyone!


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