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Triphala- The most versatile herb

Can you imagine of any such herb which is multipurpose?

Therefore Triphala is called a multipurpose health supplement or a complete health supplement.

Triphala is an age old herb which was first used in India. It is one of the most versatile and beneficial herb.

Most of you’ll must be wondering what is Triphala. It is a very common herb used by most of the Indians. But most teenagers do not have any idea about this wonder herb.


As the name suggests, Triphala is formulated by three herbs namely Amla, Harad and Baheda. All the three herbs are very beneficial health supplements.

It can also referred to as Indian Gooseberry. It is the main ingredient which acts as a detoxifying agent resulting in a heightened digestion. It is a renowned anti oxidant. It is known to have a cooling effect thus supports liver functioning. It is also known to manage pitta. Also amlas are known to be rich in Vitamin C. Therefore they are good for the teeth and bleeding gums. Also Vitamin C is responsible to boost immunity and involved in increasing the Hemoglobin levels by absorption of Iron. It also absorbs other minerals which in turn maintains hair and skin. Many more functions include maintaining the urinary and reproductive systems, regulating the menstrual cycle, improved memory and other brain functions, a relief from heart problems and a lots more.

It is also referred to as Haritaki or Chebulic Myrobalan. It has anti aging properties resulting into glowing and beautiful skin. It helps in faster wound healing. It is particularly good for kapha and is also known to heal many problems of the respiratory system. It is a cure to major skin diseases. It also boosts immunity as well as memory. Also Harad is known to prevent eye related problems like cataract and glaucoma.

This is also referred to as Bibhitaki or Belleric Myrobalan. It heats up the body but is positively beneficial for pitta, kapha and vata (the three doshas of the human body. Like the other two herbs, it boosts immunity. It also prevents against viral and bacterial infections. It strengthens the hair roots and prevent it from turning grey. Also it is mentioned to have a scraping effect, which means it acts in removal of toxins. It is a detoxifier and also removes fat from the body thus helps losing weight. It purifies the blood and so it is regarded as a boon to all skin problems.

Triphala was also regarded as the nectar of life due to its amazing healing properties. It is one of the most important herbs when it comes to health. It has multiple health benefits that you should know about.

When individuality is power, unity is strength.
This implies to Triphala as well. The three herbs with multiple health benefits are blended together to form a herb so powerful that can prevent and cure many problems.

Triphala rejuvenates and nourishes tissue. It shows anti aging properties due to rejuvenation of dead skin cells. It fades away the dead and worn out tissue and is hence used by women to look younger.


Triphala is known to remove or consume the excess fat present in food. Excess fat may increase cholesterol levels and may cause many cardiovascular problems. Intake of triphala reduces the cholesterol levels and keeps heart related diseases at bay.

The herb eliminates the toxic materials from the colon and increases the absorption rate of useful materials. It helps in treating various kind of bowel diseases and indulges regularity in the bowel system.

One of the most important reasons of using Triphala is it’s weight losing property. Losing weight can be really difficult. So use of the Triphala churna is the most easiest way to lose weight and have a healthy digestive system. It removes the toxins from the blood and the intestinal tract. It tones the colon and also removes the excess of fat.

Since Triphala is a blood purifier and a detoxifier, it scrapes of all toxins from the body. Removal of all toxins lead to healthier and clearer skin. It is known to reduce and prevent pimples and acne.


Triphala regulates the nervous system. It gives basic structural support. It absorbs or consumes the extra fat produced in the body. Hence it is effective against weight loss. It also takes a charge of the metabolic activities and digestion. Also the nutrients are well assimilated by the tissues.


Triphala is chosen by women due to its skin clearing properties. It purifies and detoxifies the blood from within. This helps removal of in corrections, scars from skin. It clears the skin and brings a natural glow on the skin.

Triphala arouses metabolism by preventing build up of mucus over the villi. This leads to better absorption of nutrients hence enhancing assimilation. This in turn increases metabolic activity. An increased activity will ensure healthy digestion leading a way to good health.

Triphala is a laxative in nature. Use of other laxatives over time contracts the Gastrointestinal tract leading to desensitized mucus. This mucus stops responding to food in GIT as well. Use of Triphala tones the GIT and nourishes the mucus rather that desensitizing it.

Along with the numerous health benefits, Triphala also has a number of side effects that are to be taken care of. Some of the side effects include:
1. Uneasiness and vomiting.
2. Diabetes if taken in excess (should be consumed according to the age).
3.It causes miscarriage when consumed by pregnant women.
4.It is a laxative and can sometimes lead to loose motions.
5.Due to its detoxifying property, it may lead to dehydration.
6. It leads to gas formation and bloating.

Some healthy habits to be taken care of for a good digestive system.
1.Avoid foods that consist of additives.
2.Eat well cooked food.
3. Avoid canned and frozen food as they are difficult to digest.
4.Avoid ice cold drinks as it hampers digestive fire.
5.Drinking plenty of warm water to flush toxins.
6.Eating fresh fruits and veggies.
7. Avoid cigarettes, alcohols etc.
8.Avoid watching TV or reading during meals.
9.Sleep early and wake up early.
10. Make sure you eat your meals at the same time everyday so your body can prepare itself for the digestion process.

All these life style changes and use of Triphala will ensure a healthy metabolism and a healthy life.

By: Shalu Nigam

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