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Triple talaq being used to satisfy lust, says UP Minister

Something that is likely to create a controversy, UP cabinet minister Swami Prasad Maurya said that Muslim men are using triple talaq just to change wives. He also said that they are doing so just to satisfy their lust. Currently, the issue of triple talaq has become one of the most debated topics in India and the minister’s comments are likely to add fuel to the fire. Maurya said that he could not find any reasonable logic for triple talaq. He reiterated his party’s support to Muslim women who have suffered as a consequence of triple talaq. It may be recalled that several petitions have been filed in the court seeking justice for triple talaq communicated through phone, social media platforms such as Facebook, and even through newspaper advertisement.

Maurya countered the argument that triple talaq is a personal right of a Muslim man. He said that when Muslim men keep changing their wives just for their pleasure and force their wife and children on the streets, such acts cannot be classified as a right. Maurya said that BJP will do everything it can to help those affected by triple talaq.

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