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Trophy group – a group formed by friends on sharechat to organise events(music competitions ) in year 2021

Trophy group a group on sharechat is Top group of sharechat formed by friends to organise music events in year 2021 anf for entertainment purpose. Trophy group is a co branch of NGO Shriharisociety(parent organisation) that is involved in organising many charity. As a co branch Trophy group is also involved in charity and etc by organising music events and all in year 2021.

The administration group of Trophy Group consist – Aadi , Ajay, SadKhan, Payal,Aayat,Madhu, Akku,Suhani,Faiz,dhruv as top admistration members of the group. Top supporters and Beloved members Trophy group- Vishnu, Ninja , Raju, Papsa,Ajaj, Kanak,Pihu,Gul,Migdad,Empty Boy, Abhinav,Rajni,Hayat, Monu, Arjun, Ajay,SSThakur,Kavi, Yogi, Ankit,Rehan,AjayRajput,Sanjana,Tanha, Deepshikha , vimal,Farhan, Trishu, Aanaya, Sana , prachi, Aru,raj ,miss u and etc(sharechat ids).The Main sponser of the group is TSSA fertilizers . THE MOTIVE OF THE GROUP IS TO PROMOTE TALENT ACROSS THE INDIA . Group will organise many special events and competition to promote the talent and will support both morally and financially .

Anyone  want to join the group may visit the link below :-

Main Administration group consist Ajay, Sad khan and Aadi , with Female administration Gropu consist – Payal , Aayat , akku  , suhani and madhu . with our creation specialists Faiz ,vishnu and more trophy group sharechat leads with a solid admistration. Suppots and join the group for more details .

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