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Tropical regions to receive more rainfall due to climate change: NASA

A study by NASA has revealed that tropical areas in the world are likely to receive increased rainfall due to climate change. The tropical regions are parts of Earth surrounding the equator. It’s the regions where the sun points directly overhead, at least once during the solar year. Many parts of India also come under tropical regions such as west coastal lowlands, Western Ghats, southern parts of Assam, etc. NASA has observed decreased high clouds over the tropics, as part of research led by scientist Hui Su of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in the US. The research states that rainfall does not merely depend on cloud patterns, but is also associated with Earth’s “energy budget” – incoming energy from the Sun compared to outgoing heat energy.

As per scientists, high-altitude tropical clouds trap heat and if the clouds decrease, it will cool down the tropical atmosphere. Based on data collected in recent decades, it has been noticed that rising surface temperature reduces the formation of such high-altitude clouds. One of the resultant effects is high rainfall, to balance the cooling from the reduction in high-altitude cloud formation.

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