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Trump and Kim Jong Un pushing the world towards nuclear Armageddon

The war of words, especially nuclear attack threats, has increased considerably in recent times between US and North Korea, and it has the potential of spiraling into a full-fledged nuclear war. North Korea has become increasingly hostile in recent times after having developed the capability to launch nuclear tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM). North Korea has been repeatedly threatening of targeting US cities with its nuclear bombs and the voices have grown louder after the recent UN sanctions. It may be recalled that North Korea has vowed to take 1000-times greater revenge with the US, in response to the sanctions.

What is even more worrying is that the United States is responding in the same language as North Korea. It is understandable that a rogue state like North Korea may not have learnt the art of diplomacy, but seeing US respond in the same manner is worrying. Responding to North Korea’s nuclear attack threats, US President Donald Trump said that US nuclear arsenal is now much stronger than ever before. Trump warned North Korea that any misadventure will be met with fire and fury that no one has ever seen before. With statements like these, it appears that both Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump are pushing the world towards a nuclear Armageddon.

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