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Trump commits US troops to Afghanistan war; Taliban vows to create a graveyard of US soldiers

Newspatrolling: US President Donald Trump said today that the country will be sending more troops to tackle the raging war in Afghanistan. The decision is significant, as it will impact the economic and political situation in the region. Trump’s decision to commit additional US troops to Afghanistan war has been welcomed by the Afghanistan government. However, the Taliban has strongly opposed the move and said that if US does not remove its troops from Afghanistan, it will create the biggest graveyard of US soldiers in Afghanistan. The Taliban were majorly irked when Trump said that US will step up its military campaign against Taliban. Trump has already approved the plan prepared by Defense Secretary James Mattis, which calls for sending 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.

During his speech, Trump also condemned Pakistan for encouraging terror activities from its soil. Trump admitted during his speech that earlier, the US government was planning to withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan. However, after a detailed review with military advisors, it was decided that it would be better to send more troops to Afghanistan. Trump said that if the US withdraws troops instantly, it would create a power vacuum that is most likely allow terror organizations like Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaeda to flourish in Afghanistan.

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