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Tunic Tops for Women: a Complete Clothing Range


“Tunics are Joyful to wear”, there is no overstatement in this expression. People wish to have some fun if it is well matched with fashion. Women love fashion, it’s an extension of themselves that presents how they are feeling or how is their mood. Tunics are adaptable in a way that just blends so wonderfully beyond all the capacity of age, shape, weather etc. Any kind of events throughout the day, you can go big and bold for an evening out or blustery and hot towards seashore. This is so flexible that it can be shabby alone or over a pair of chic pants, jeans or leggings. Whether you try for new look say classic or boho or urban chic or preppy, there is a tunic always for you. Oh yes!! They are so forgiving that never makes you feel too tight when you have decided to eat that Gelato after nice dinner out.

 Women adore tunic and tops. I own many of them in all sort of different styles – long, short, dress, casual. It seems that new ones appear in my closet with each year that passes but the old ones never get tossed aside – they are just so timeless. Usually simple in style “tunica” was a basic garment worn by men and women in ancient Rome and Greece, reaching from shoulder to a length somewhere between the hips and the ankle, precisely covered people around their waist. Tunic’s loose fit allows you to move freely and stay cool. Solid cotton one from Bebaak with lightweight floral bottom paired up with thin silver pendant and earrings, I was as cool and ready for action as cooking, running and serving for 15 people on a day that fell next after Diwali.  These are great outfit to wear. Tunic tops for women has been making the difference in the women wardrobe.

Tunics looks astonishingly well on any shape and size, for example if you got a pear shaped body, look for a tunic with side vent – this prevent the tunic from clinging to thigh and rear,a slight taper at the waist and a nice wide neck opening to broaden your shoulders.  Make sure your tunic either falls above your widest area, or below, but not right at it as your heaviest area is below the waist. With an apple shape body we want to focus on your neckline and legs. A nice V-neck and not too long tunic will help direct the attention up to your face. And darker colour and small pattern does help the illusion that you are smaller on top. A full figure, please don’t wear a shape-less tent, it’s about the balance between tunic that are too clingy and too loose for this body shape.This magnificent style of Romans are very comfortable for summer and too cosy for winters.

Nothing can be better than wide collection of tunics and tops made by from our local artisans. Because it’s hot outside mean you don’t have to give-up a stylish look. The appropriate bottom all depends on the weather and occasion at hand as tobe paired with shorts for beach or for hot weather, Capri pants or even lightweight jeans for a cool comfortable yet polished look or long tunics goes well with leggings for a formal meeting just need to be sure that tunic is covering the bottom.Same for winter outing we can pair-up a skin-tight jeans with a woollen or silk tunic.

Tunics for women and tops are comfort. They look good on any age group from 20 to 60 and beyond. Body celebration is a real gift, whether you have a tummy, wide hips, a flat butt, a large chest, upper arm issue or no issues at all, tunics are very flattering and easy to wear, even if you prefer you can disguise the curves.You can’t go wrong with having many of this ageless, shapeless, timeless attire with various length, fabrics, prints and more to enhance the wardrobe and remain at the top of your fashion game.

The handmade clothing concept brings silk as well as cotton tops and tunic range inspired from weaving, hand embroidery and hand block printing of India. It is also a way reinvention of old crafts in contemporary style. You can check some interesting pattern of tops and tunic at BebaakSudio.

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