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Twitter brings Periscope to Android

Twitter brings a promising live-streaming App Periscope for Android 4.4 Kitkat and higher version devices. This App is the most convenient way to share and experience live video from smartphones. Few days after it was launched for iOS, Periscope is now available at Google Play Store and on the web too. The completely satisfying broadcasting experience has made it reach more than 1 million users in the first few days. It has already gained popularity among the celebrities and media personalities.

Brief Background: Almost a year back, a small team thought of building something closest to teleportation where users can watch a live video broadcast from anywhere in the world. The fascination of discovering the world through somebody else’s eyes accelerated the developers to create something unique where live sunset of Goa can be seen in Brussels or sunrise in Switzerland can be seen in Sydney. Now the time has come to relish the fruit of success!

How it Works: Once Periscope App is opened, what is seen is a list of current and recent broadcasts from the people who are following. When it is first opened, Periscope suggests if the user wishes to follow everyone he/she is following on Twitter. If nothing current is happening, the user can swipe right to the next screen, which shows broadcasts happening around the globe. The third screen shows the popular users of the app, judged by the number of people who have sent them by tapping on the screen.

This application has a Material-inspired design that is familiar but modern to Android users. Android users have granular control over additional Push Notification settings, such as:

  • First Time Broadcast notification – This happens when somebody you follow on Twitter broadcasts on Periscope for the first time
  • Share notification – This happens when somebody you follow on Periscope shares somebody else’s broadcast
  • Resume notification – This helps you to continue watching where you left if your broadcast gets interrupted (by any phone call or message). This saves lots of time of the broadcasters and preserves precious mobile data.

Security of the App: It is always wise to keep your App secured from any hindrance by any malware. While connecting to the internet, any android-based mobile devices are as vulnerable to malware threats as computers. This not only affects the operating system and applications of android devices, but also the confidential data stored in these devices. Thus, to ensure security from android malware, eScan has a specially designed security solution – eScan Mobile and Tablet Security for Android. The advanced technologies of these products protect everything on the android-based devices against all viruses, malware, Trojans and other security threats ensuring your uninterrupted usage.

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