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Twitter seva launched by the Ministry of External Affairs

Inspired by Sushma Swaraj, the Minister 2of External Affair, the Ministry for External Affairs has decided to launch a Twitter seva. The Twitter seva will primarily collate all the tweets received by the approximately 200 plus official handles of the MEA and forward the requests to the appropriate department for immediate problem resolution. There are 198 Indian Embassy handles for the 198 countries that India has embassies in, 29 handles of the Regional Passport offices for the 29 states it has offices in and a few more handles for MEA enquiries.


The announcement was by retired Army General V K Singh who is the Union Minister of State for External Affairs made an announcement regarding the launch of Twitter seva. Vikas Swarup, the spokesperson for the Ministry for External Affairs, said that it is easier and much more convenient to to solve the queries and requests posted on one handle. These request can be easily directed to the concerned department or embassy for the same.

Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, is said to have 6.8 million Twitter followers and is very popular amongst the Overseas Indian population. She is one of the most proactive ministers in the Narendra Modi government and has helped countless Indians in emergency situations. She has been instrumental in getting Indian citizens evacuated from war zones like Libya, Iraq, Syria and other middle eastern countries. She has helped many other Indian citizens stuck in difficult situations on receiving just their tweets.

The Twitter seva has been launched by the External Affairs Ministry after the same was done by the Telecom and the Commerce and Industry Ministry.



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