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Two-mile-deep tour of the Titanic now possible

You may have read about it somewhere, watched the movie, or seen various documentaries, but if these were not enough to fulfill your curiosity, now you can actually go on a tour of the RMS Titanic. The tour will be launched in May next year, but bookings are open now. The tour of the Titanic is being offered by a London-based tour operator, Blue Marble Private. The tour will be an eight-day trip, in which tourists will dive two miles under the sea in a mini-submarine to reach the resting place of the Titanic.

However, there’s a problem, since the tour ticket cost is a staggering £86,500, which is roughly equal to more than 70 lakh in Indian currency. But, in case, you can spare that much, then there’s no stopping you. The journey will begin at Newfoundland, from where tourists will board a helicopter to fly to the support yacht stationed at the site of the Titanic’s resting place. Tourists need to be brave enough to take on the cold and treacherous waters of the North Atlantic. After reaching the support yacht, tourists will be given basic training, post which, they will take a five-hour dive to reach the Titanic.

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