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Types of Indian Wedding Cakes for Indian Wedding

types of indian wedding cake

Wedding cakes are not that popular in Indian weddings but they are slowly becoming a prominent thing to be asked from banquet halls in Delhi for marriage ceremony. There are numerous wedding cake designs that uphold the Indian traditions and art.

The new wedding cakes culture in India is not just about taking inspiration from the West, it is blending a sweet cake culture from the West and integrating it into a desi style. Let us take a look into some of these typical Indian designs that we find on wedding cakes in Indian weddings within the country, as well as abroad.

  1. Elephant cake

The elephant with an Indian decor carpet on its back and a crown on its head is a typical symbol of Indian royalty. Indian cakes for the wedding can either be shaped like such an elephant or have the print of these elephants all over the cake. You can get the best design in tiered cakes if you can pull off balancing a small elephant over a slightly larger elephant placed over the largest elephant. Talk to the bakers about this idea. They might be able to get it done.

  1. Indian Bolster cake

This one is for the typical lazy Indian. Not that Indians are typically lazy, but we have a relaxed and chill aura around our weekends. Get the cake shaped like a well-decorated bolster. If you want to make it an elaborate deal, get an entire bed shaped cake with cushions, bolsters, mattress with the bed sheet, and a typical Indian heritage styled bed.

  1. Peacock cake

The national bird of the country is a solid symbol of Indian fauna. Peacocks are beautiful and so bright. Your Indian wedding cakes can have peacock feather designs, or an entire peacock in all its glory spread over a three or five-tier cake. You can have it all white or go for the real green, golden, and blue colours that peacocks have. This is probably the gorgeous option on the list.

  1. Indian Bride and Groom cake

We see so many wedding cakes with a Western-style bride and groom on top of the topmost tier of the cake. Even some Indian couples go for this cake but why should we have a white dress and black tux couple on the cake when we are actually all about the lehengas and sherwani? There are so many beautiful and cute Indian couple dolls to put on wedding or anniversary cakes. The best thing about Indian wedding dolls is that we have so many types of weddings, so many cultures. We can personalise our wedding cake dolls. The Bengali bride and groom doll will look totally different from a Tamil bride and groom doll set, and so on.

  1. Henna Design cake

The designs you see on your Mehendi catalogue can be used for wedding cake icing as well. No matter how Western the flavour of the cake, once you start putting a mehendi design on it, it will look typically Indian. You can go for a white cake to put brown icing that looks exactly like the colour of mehendi. You can go for a dark coloured cake and put a specially made golden or silver coloured icing as well.

  1. Taj Mahal cake

We have the Taj Mahal white chocolate already becoming famous in various Indian cities. We can totally get the Taj Mahal wedding cake. Irrespective of the real story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz, the Taj Mahal is the ultimate symbol of romance. You can get a dark brown Taj Mahal cake too.

  1. Band Baaja cake

Go for an elaborate cake design in the red velvet or strawberry flavour with a procession of a band party. It is typically red or purple in colour, so choose this theme if it goes with the flavours you choose for the cake. Red velvet, strawberry, blackcurrant, these are the flavours for this Indian cake idea.

  1. Shagun cake

Taking inspiration from the gift trays wrapped for the bride by the groom’s family is a simple yet gorgeous idea for a wedding cake. Get the cake shaped like one of the gift trays that are elaborately designed to be sent to the bride on the day of the wedding.

  1. Fish Style cake

Bengalis often get the wedding cake in the shape of a full rohu fish, which, by the way, is unsurprisingly, part of the shagun or tattwa. Yes, a fresh fish for real is wrapped as a gift. Why are we not surprised! The fish is a good omen for the Bengalis. But you too could go for a beautifully decorated fish cake. You could be marrying a Pisces or maybe Pisces yourself, or maybe you both love Nemo and Dory! Whatever be the reason, there are hundreds of fish designs to choose from.

  • Sweets Platter cake

This again is like the shagun tray idea, but just sweets. The wedding cake designed like a tray of kaaju barfi or a pot of rasgulla is mouth-watering. You can go for an assorted platter of all types of Indian sweets shapes for the fondant topping on a square white or brown cake.

  • Haveli Tiered cake

If you do not want to go with the romantic Taj Mahal, but with a regal or spooky mahal, go for any haveli shape that is typically Indian. If you are a Rajput you should go for this shape because it really brings out the royalty in the wedding.

  • Mandala Print cake

Mandala designs are typically Indian. You can place it on top of a big round white cake. Make it colourful like a typical rangoli. It will be yummy and gorgeous.

There are so many more Indian wedding cakes ideas you can find or even come up with yourself. So, inspire people to go for these designs and use one of these for your own wedding!

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