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U.S. Tipping System: Is it necessary?

Tourists who come to the US do not understand the system of tipping waitresses and waiters in restaurants. Since most of the waiters and waitresses are paid much lower than the minimum wage, tipping is a necessary custom. The tip given to them by the visitors aren’t just extra money, it’s a part of the salary they get. For people of the US, it’s the standard way of doing things, but outsiders are unaware of the tipping etiquette in the US. Tourists often go through the dilemma of how much to tip. To make your concept clear, we’ve made you a guideline on how much to tip where.

  • Buffet Restaurants: You must be thinking this isn’t the area where you need to tip since there is less service by the staff. But you shouldn’t forget that clearing your plate, bringing food and drinks is what the wait staff does. When you go to a buffet next time, pay $1 per person. Avoid paying in cents for a $5.00 bill.
  • Restaurants with table service: Though you must tip about 15% of the bill, it also depends on the quality of the service you receive. When you visit a restaurant, you place your faith in it. And if you do not receive the optimum level of service, then paying 15% tip isn’t worth it. However, 20% is considered to be a normal tip. Besides your server, if you see people helping with your table, they are being tipped by your server that night. The tip you leave is being shared by different people.
  • Bartenders: Paying $1-$2 per drink is the best way to tip the bartenders when you order a drink. Also, you can pay 15-20% of the total bill if you’re paying your bill at the end of the night.
  • Fast food Restaurants: Tip jars are kept for you outside of these establishments. You need to put money into the jars if you want something to leave behind for the quality of service you received by the waiters or waitresses.

Bottom Line:

We hope now you are well aware of the tipping system in the United States. Remember, that tipping system is a necessary custom, not voluntary since it is a part of their salary. Also, quality matters the most. If you do not feel satisfied with the services provided by the restaurant then you can adjust the tip you give down.

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