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UAE to deport Indian expat over charges of social media abuse

Posting offensive messages on social media proved costly for an Indian man working in Dubai, as he has been removed from his job and is set to be deported to India. The man, identified as Bincy Lal, was working with Alpha Paint in Dubai, a sister company of National Paints in Sharjah, as a customer service employee. Rana Ayyub, who is a Delhi-based journalist, received some offensive messages on Facebook, which were sent to her by Bincy Lal. Ayyub decided to teach the man a lesson and she complained to the company where the man was working.

The company officials questioned Lal about the complaint, whereupon Lal admitted that he had sent the offensive messages to Ayyub. Based on the complaint and Lal’s acceptance of his mistake, the company terminated Lal’s work contract and initiated the process of his deportation. His visa has also been cancelled. The company will pay for his tickets and provide for his rights, as per the labor laws in UAE. Speaking on these developments, Ayyub said that she will file a police case against Lal in New Delhi.  

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