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UAE’s First Marketplace Platform: Nothing to lose, only gain

Just as the number of people being affected by Coronavirus is advancing, so is the tension amongst the entire world is increasing. Almost every country is practising lockdown and social distancing norms in order to limit the spread of the global pandemic. Even UAE is taking an active part in it. In such a scenario, getting the food materials and other essentials from the local stores is growing to be a difficult task. And why is that so? That is because the supply chain is starting to face turmoil, and there are ample issues related to transportation as well.

In such a scenario, the supply chains could adopt digitized methods not only in UAE but globally. Here are some of the reasons that we have listed, which would convince you why turning onto a digitized platform for supplies is a better option than relying upon the local stores and services.

1-Automated processes: When digitization becomes the key to managing the supply chain, the process in the completion of the work becomes automatic. That means all you need to do is place your order through the online platforms like Conecktr and rest all will be taken care of.

2-Deliveries are optimized: Just when you use online services like Amazon, eBay, etc. to buy your products, you enjoy the benefit of tracking the status of your order. Similar options are going to be available for you to track your order even for the supply of your everyday essentials and food items and that is a benefit that you cannot get out of local distributors and retailers.

3-One click order: Whether you are distributor trying to connect with a brand, a retailer with the distributor, or the end customer who is in need to get their essential items, you are just one click away from a supply chain like Coneckter delivering your order.

Some of the other essential factors that say digitization for the supply chains could be beneficial are –launching of the products can be declared online, you will be able to gather qualitative as well as quantitative data, and you can pay for everything through online sources, and that is one efficient way to practice social distancing.

#StayConeckted: One of the most efficient digitized platforms is Conecktr, which helps you to maintain a healthy connection starting from the suppliers to the grocery to the customers. The revolutionary approach taken by Conecktr for the supply chain helps in connecting the suppliers/distributors with the grocery owners. This ensures a digital retail bridge formation that is empowered by uninterrupted communication between the retailers and the distributors as well, which is the need of the hour to combat the unforeseen emergency.

Our vision and goal:

Our ultimate aim is to offer disrupting services by connecting the brands with distributors, retailers and the consumers by making of top-notch technology. We have apps for every cause to ensure that seamless connectivity is maintained.

Building a digitized supply chain

We are working towards bringing the future of products and retail into your pocket with the help of our dedicated and efficient application for each step of the supply chain. This will ensure a seamless, digitized supply chain with a crystal-clear two-way communication that is always going to cater to your needs #stayConeckted, no matter what –Coneckter is there for you!

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