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Ubiquicoin’s Financial Guarantee Provides Coin Holders with Downside Protection and Third Party Verification

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – 09/12/2017— Unlike every other digital currency offered today, coins offered in Ubiquicoin’s ICO are backed by a financial guarantee that scales with the size of the ICO.  A large, licensed and regulated financial institution has agreed to provide a $50 million guarantee to all Ubiquicoin coin holders.  Additionally, Ubiquicoin will provide a further guarantee that also scales with the size of the ICO and is backed by a diversified pool of assets.

This guarantee provides Ubiquicoin coin holders with two very important benefits that are not found in other ICOs.

First, it effectively provides a $1.00 per coin floor valuation because it gives coin holders real, quantifiable downside protection.  To illustrate how the guarantee works, if 100 million coins are sold in the ICO and the financial guarantee is triggered, then coin holders will receive $100 million.  Pricing of the ICO starts at $1.00 per coin and then increases based on the amount of funds raised, so the downside protection is substantial, quantifiable, real, and backed by assets. No other coin has this type of implied floor valuation, which makes them significantly less speculative than other coins in the market today. 

Second, the financial guarantee provides coin holders with validation of Ubiquicoin and its business strategy because a highly respected third party has done its diligence and is wiling to put its own $50 million behind the offering.  Cryptocurrencies are a nascent market, and like any developing market segment they are going to be companies that capture market share and are highly successful, but there are also going to be many more that fail from a flawed business plan, lack of capital investment, or nefarious actions by the management team.  You don’t have to look hard to already find examples of ICO scams or dubious company strategies.  By providing up to a $50 million guarantee, the financial institution is speaking with its pocketbook, which we believe is the strongest vote of confidence one can receive.  In short, investors can take comfort in knowing a large financial institution is putting their money where their mouth because they believe Ubiquicoin will emerge as one of the few truly successful cryptocurrency offerings. 

Upside potential.  Downside protection. Third party validation. This is new. This is unique.  This is Ubiquicoin.  

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