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UK Royals Seek 1.5 Million Euros In Damages Over Topless Kate Middleton Pics

In a strong reaction over the publication of the topless images of Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton, the UK royals have asked for 1.5 million euros in damages control.

During the trail on Tuesday, six media personnel have been charged with the crime of invasion of privacy.

The topless pictures of Kate Middleton sparked outrage in Britain when a French gossip magazine Closer and regional newspaper La Provence published them in September 2012.

The lawyers of the royal family of London have asked for 1.5 million euro in damages as very significant fines due to invasion of privacy.

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It was also reported that lawyer Paul-Albert Iweins gave arguments that the snaps indicated a positive side of the couple. he also criticised an “Anglo-Saxon reasoning of damages and interest”.

The topless pictures of Kate were clicked when she was on a vacation at a chateau owned by Viscount David Linley, the son of Princess Margaret, the late sister of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

A few publication showed the topless images of Duchess of Cambridge; however those images were not published in Britain.

The photographers are facing charges of invasion of privacy and complicity at the trial in Nanterre outside Paris.

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