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ULFA (I) rejects Ravi Shankar’s peace proposal

After spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar offered ULFA (Independent) the proposal to join peace talks with the government, it has been rejected today by ULFA (I) leader Paresh Baruah. It may be recalled that Paresh Baruah has been against any type of talk with the government since a very long time. Many experts said that people like Paresh Baruah are most likely being secretly funded by China, which is why they never seem interested in peace talks. China claims many areas of Assam as its own, which is why it’s logical to see that it may be supporting insurgent groups such as ULFA. Responding to Ravi Shankar’s offer to join the peace talks, Paresh Baruah said that there is no scope for such interactions since any type of talk with the government would be false, biased and ridiculous.

Paresh Baruah said that he wants independence for Assam and until that happens, he will not talk to the government. He also demanded that the independence of Assam should be provided in the constitution of India. He said that once Assam is made independent, then ULFA (I) can think about talking to the government. It’s quite clear from such statements that Paresh Baruah and his organization are being funded by China through third parties. Paresh Baruah may have already made plans to become the Prime Minister or President of Assam. However, this talk about Assam’s independence is nothing but pipe dreams and the sooner Paresh Baruah realizes it, the better it would be for him. Paresh Baruah should try to do something useful, something on his own, rather than wasting his life being used as a pawn by China.

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