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Ultimate body and mind rejuvenation with Ayurveda


A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and a healthy body results when you perform healthy practices. Ayurveda is a science that means to keep your body and mind fit and fine in a natural way. It acquaints us with the natural constitution of our body and the environment we live in. A balance between diet, natural remedies and exercises are what makes a healthy and happy pact between the body and mind. So, let us know how we can revitalize our body, mind, and soul with Ayurveda:

  • Yoga:

The sister science of Ayurveda, Yoga has miraculous benefits on our body. It improves the functioning of organs in the body, increases flexibility, refines body posture and leads to faster healing of wounds. It enhances the blood circulation, balances the flow of energy into the body and balances metabolism as well. A daily practice of Yoga maintains immunity and keeps you away from any kind of disease. The most important thing that Yoga does is, it activates the Chakras and eliminates Doshas from your body, thus helping you be active and cheerful the entire day and better perception of aura.

  • Panchakarma

The Panchakarma Therapy maintains a balance between the five basic activities of our body. The therapy uses medicinal oils which flush out toxins from the tissues, clears blockages, improves blood flow, keeps your body warm and cures Dosha related body disorder. A Panchakarma therapy helps you to think clearly in a stress-less mind and keeps you in high spirits. It rejuvenates every part of your body and keeps you in a balanced state of health.

  • A healthy diet

The use of herbs and spices in cooking is a practice that has prevailed since years. These spices have beneficial effects on your body. Fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables are a plethora of beneficial compounds that keep our body in a state of equilibrium. “Aarahapraanaha” in Ayurveda denotes the Life due to Food. The food items in balanced proportion will keep you healthy, away from Tamas, and increase the longevity. A small change in your diet will keep you in good shape.

  • Sleep well

A deep sleep keeps your body and mind in harmony. Ayurveda believes that disorders in the body are a result toxin accumulation. Ojas or the vital energy of life can be increased by a good night’s doze.Yoga, meditation, and healthy diet regulate your sleep cycle. Consumption of beverages such as passionflower tea also helps in inducing a sound sleep. Warm milk and honey before going to bed improve the levels of serotonin. The chemical, in turn, makes you fall asleep and repairs the tissues, balances hormones and reduces the harmful free-radicals in the body; thus freeing-up your mind from any kind of worries.

Regularity in all these above said Ayurvedic approaches will heal your entire system. For an ideal body and relaxed mind, Ayurveda is the ultimate formula that fits in perfectly. Live healthily, live longer with the science of longevity.

By: Dr Sushma Tiwary at

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