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Umrah Packages for UK Muslims

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As Muslims in the UK, just like Muslims around the world, the city of Makkah has a deep importance in each single individual’s lives. As one of the biggest religious populations in the world, Muslims all go towards this city once a year in a journey known as Hajj. Although the Hajj is considered compulsory on all those who are able, the Umrah is a similar journey that Muslims undertake to show their commitment to religion. However, times have changed since the first Muslims performed the Umrah, and with the advent of facilities offered by the Umrah package, the journey to Makkah and the performance of the Umrah has become all the more easier and more comfortable. Muslims around the world and in the UK can now book their Umrah in a matter of minutes online. Umrah packages are offered by several companies, and in order to book one, the benefits that packages offer must be considered, along with the reputation and degree of trustworthiness of the company.

Ramadan Umrah Packages

In the Holy month of Ramadan, the importance of Umrah and worship of God within the city of Makkah becomes all the more important to Muslims. When you go ahead and book yourself one of the many available Ramadan Umrah packages, you are not only opening yourself up to the religious experience of the Umrah, nor the individual experience of fasting in the month of Ramadan in the city of Makkah, In fact, you can experience something only a few people get to feel – the collective nature of breaking fasts with people of all races and backgrounds from across the world.

Ramadan Umrah Packages for You to Avail

There are several kinds of Ramadan Umrahpackages available to those wishing to carry out this rite within the month of Ramadan. Some of the packages available will allow you to visit during the last 10 holy nights of the month of Ramadan, whereas others can also cover the first or last half of the month. Another option for those wishing to spend more time in the Holy City during the month of Ramadan is to visit for the entire month. These packages mostly cover the expenses of the Hotel, the flight, and the application for the Umrah visa.

Getting an Umrah Visa

As someone visiting the city of Makkah from the United Kingdom, you will need to apply for the Umrah visa. You will usually be facilitated in this process with the company that is catering to you with the Umrah package, and its expenses may be covered within the aforementioned package.

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