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UN reports gross human rights violations in war-ravaged Aleppo

A special commission appointed by the United Nations (UN) organization has published a report that reveals major human rights violations in Syria’s war-ravaged Aleppo. The report accuses both sides involved in the conflict of committing war crimes. Based on evidence gathered and eyewitness accounts, the report says that both Syrian and Russian forces used cluster bombs on civilians in rebel-held eastern Aleppo. These cluster bombs are prohibited for use in civilian areas, as they cause significant damage to life and limb. The report says that the cluster bombs were deliberately used on hospitals, which is a gross human rights violation.

Even as the UN report points out to such grave war crimes, both Syrian and Russian governments continue to deny that cluster bombs were used to target hospitals and schools. A government official said that the commission did not have the expertise to distinguish between Syrian and Russian planes.

The report also talks about chemical attacks using chlorine gas, which was carried out by the Syrian government. The report says that use of chlorine gas is a blatant disregard for international legal obligations. However, the Syrian government has denied using chlorine gas or any other form of chemical warfare.

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