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UN sanctions take effect, as China bans iron and seafood imports from North Korea

The recently imposed UN sanctions on North Korea have started taking effect. China announced today that it will be halting imports of iron, iron ore and seafood from North Korea. This would be applicable from tomorrow and it would be part of the sanctions imposed by the United Nations on North Korea. It may be recalled that North Korea is a close ally of China, but it appears that North Korea has become difficult to control even for China. Just last week, North Korea had threatened to strike Guam, which is a US base in the Pacific Ocean. North Korea had also threatened US saying that it now has the missile capability to attack US cities with nuclear weapons.

North Korea is heavily dependent on China for its economic growth. China has pledged that it will fully implement the UN sanctions imposed on North Korea. From tomorrow, no iron, iron ore and seafood will be imported from China from North Korea. This decision by China is certainly going to anger North Korea even more. And this is only the things that China will stop trading with North Korea. Other countries too have their respective trades with North Korea and the UN sanctions will affect those trades as well. Overall, the total impact of UN sanctions on North Korea is valued at USD 1 billion per year.

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