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Understanding Aged Care Jobs – What to Know Before You Start

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The generation before us had many career paths available, but that is nothing compared to of the options and pathways that present themselves in 2019. If you are thinking about joining the many thousand Australian individuals who are passionate about care and health, then you may find a future in aged care to be your calling. But before you accelerate toward a career in aged care, here are some key facts that you will need to know before you start.

It’s a rewarding experience

When we are training and learning a new job or craft, it’s natural to focus in on the technical side of the equation. Aged care jobs, while still having a key technical function, also offers an incredibly rewarding experience day in and day out. There are few careers that will allow you to connect and build a rapport with an elderly individual and their loving family. Seeing the familiar faces of families and friends visiting that resident creates a warm and authentic place of work; a place that very few work environments can rival.

Never stop learning and developing

When you choose to work in aged care, you are signing on to a career that is rich in education and training. Not too many industries can claim the same benefits. So many individuals in aged care will start their career with a good understanding of the work and develop into fully-qualified, trained professionals. A lot of this development is split between on the job practice and theory education, allowing you to excel in both categories. With the training being administered in tandem with your work, you can apply your training in real-world situations and fine-tune your skills further.

No two days are the same

Sure, many jobs will claim that each day is filled with new adventures and experiences but that is never truer than in aged care. One day will see you facilitating a social outing to a local park or art centre, and the next day will have you interacting with the families and friends that spill in on the weekend to catch up with their elderly loved one. Experience it all and define your days with new rewarding memories.

Management opportunities are fertile

Climbing to the next level of your career is an exciting venture, but one that not too many get the opportunity to do. Aged care is a career path that has realistic management potential, and many individuals will climb the ranks in a shorter time period than what can be expected from another role or industry. When you are exploring positions at aged care facilities, have a frank discussion about what sort of trajectory you can expect by taking the roles.

Make the work fit with your lifestyle 

Many aged care employees are on a fixed full-time salary, and just as many are part-time and casual. When you take a role within an aged care unit, you can take on more or less work as your journey progresses. This allows for freedom of lifestyle, whether that means raising a family, studying or pursuing other interests. Enjoy flexibility or total work consistency, the choice is yours.

There are many reasons to want a future in aged care, with just a few captured here. Start talking to your local aged care facility unit to gain a greater understanding of what it means to care for the elderly. Whether you dip your toe in the water with a casual appointment or are looking toward full-time employment, find an enriching and fruitful career in aged care.

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