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Understanding the Most Common Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer, without a doubt, is one of the most devastating forms of malignancy. While a large number of untimely deaths have already been reported due to colon cancer in India, it is necessary that we understand the existing symptoms beforehand, in order to get professional treatment at the earliest.

In the subsequent sections, we shall look at the most common symptoms of colon cancer which shouldn’t be ignored and must be taken up immediately with the concerned oncologist.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer

The underlining symptoms and signs associated with colon cancer are quite common and low-profile. Therefore, it might become hard to detect the actual form of malignancy at an early stage. The first instances, including the likes of constipation and diarrhea should be taken into account as the initial factors. Apart from these abdominal and rectal abnormalities, you should also be on the lookout for narrow and loose stools followed by a sudden change in stool consistency as well.

If you are in the country and already getting the best cancer treatment in India, you would see that experienced doctors would immediately start cancer diagnostics if the aforementioned symptoms are detected.

Coming back, some of the other signs include IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome followed by unexplained weight loss. Moreover, if you are also experiencing any kind of fatigue and weakness, you should also get checked for an existing form of malignancy. In addition to that, blood in stool, is a major factor that should be taken seriously if the signs of colon cancer are to be looked at. While these are some of the common signs which are also relatable to other ailments, one immediate cause for concern should be the defecation urges which are very common if colon cancer has been detected. An individual will always look to use the washroom even after passing stool. This happens when the rectal and colorectal area are severely affected by cancerous growth.

Last but not least, abdominal cramps and pain should also be factored in as the potential signs of colon cancer.

Are all Symptoms detected one once?

The most threatening aspect of colorectal cancer is that it takes a long time for all the signs to surface. As this form of malignancy is characterized by multiple stages, most of the mentioned signs are encountered if and when the patient condition starts deteriorating. Therefore, the best advice would be to get checked at regular intervals and immediately opt for the best cancer treatment in India, if you are unsure regarding the emergence of this life-threatening condition.

Summary: Color cancer is a condition that is very hard to detect and the underlining signs usually coincide with a usual abdominal problem. However, unlike other forms of malignancy, the colorectal one requires additional care and you must certainly opt for the best cancer treatment in India for permanently getting rid of the issue. Once identified at an initial stage, it is still possible to get rid of the same.

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