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Union Home Ministry cancels FCRA licenses of 20,000 NGOs

dc-cover-jjoccp7vfjge3oq0fl16dv6fu6-20161003154002-mediThe Union home Ministry led by Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said that the licenses of 20,000 Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that have Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) licenses have been cancelled as they appeared to violating the terms set under the act. With the cancellation of their licenses, these NGOs cannot receive funds from any foreign source.

With the cancellation of these 20,000 licenses, only 13,000 NGOs are now licensed to receive funds from foreign sources. The Home Ministry spokesman said that the process of reviewing these licenses was started over a year ago and it is still happening at the moment. The revoking of these FCRA licenses was done throughout the year and will continue in the coming days.

Of the 13,000 NGOs with FCRA licenses, 3,000 have applied to renew their licenses and there have been over 2,000 new applications for getting FCRA licenses. Apart from this, there are over 300 NGOs who have been put under the prior permission category, but do not have an FCRA license.

If an NGO is put under the prior permission category, it cannot receive funds from abroad without getting permission from the Home Ministry.

This exercise of checking the NGO FCRA permissions was started in 2014 as soon as Narendra Modi’s BJP led government took office.

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