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Unique book banks scheme to be launched in Punjab

The Punjab government will soon be launching an innovative scheme that would help needy students get the books for their academic year free of cost. The idea is to set up book banks at all the schools in the state. These book banks will request students to deposit their old books so that the needy students in the next batch can use them free of cost. Government officials said that the scheme will help the needy save money and it will also reduce costs and environmental damage associated with printing new books.

Speaking about the initiative, Education Minister Aruna Chaudhary said, “Every year, students purchase new books and huge amount of paper is used in printing those. Besides, precious academic time is wasted in the process of printing books. Not only this, students have to spend a considerable amount of money to buy new books.” The scheme will be voluntary, which means students will not be forced to part with their used books. NGOs that have been running similar schemes will help the government in the implementation process.

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