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‘U-N-I-T-Y’ is just not an ordinary five letters word. Many a battles have been won, territories have been conquered and unnumbered impossible tasks have been made possible. Such is the power of this small word. History has been its witness and the Present vouches for it. There lies an impeccable amount of virtue, strength and fearlessness beneath this word. It is hard to scale its magnitude. Many a books have been written just to showcase the vastness and the power that this ‘UNITY’ holds. Quotes have been made just to underline the fact that without unity, without being united the mere existence of a human or any  other mortal is next to impossible. So it is quite clear that the strength of the phrase ‘Unity is Strenght’ can’t be undermined. It is like the stepping stone to achieve success.

All the pride that has been associated with this word in the above para or  the grandeur style that has been used to describe its enormity hasn’t been just done to make this word look big. But there are countless testimonies since time immemorial that has proved again and again that- “UNITED WE STAND,DIVIDED WE FALL”. On the contrary I guess there have been too many cases to vouch for the invincibility of this word!

Today if our mother land is a free country then it is just because that our forefathers stood united and fought as an unit against the ruthless Englishmen. After the  establishment of the East India Company, initially for a very long period of time they had carried out their atrocious  rule on the lesser fortunate Indians. Actually no one was left untouched by the epidemic called the “British Raj” .Be it the prince of Jodhpur or the poor helpless opium cultivators whose life had been wantonly destroyed by an outsider just for the sake of fulfilment of their greed, everyone was going through excruciating sufferings. But here the big question arises.Why were we helpless? Why were we sufferings in the hands of a bunch of foreigners in our own country? We  were obviously alot large in number when compared to those humanely beasts but we were very small in comparison to their unity. Back then many of our own men were ardent loyalist of the britishers. So even the revolts which took place , failed to bring in any concrete results. Those revolts were small localized one . We needed  Leaders who could unit the men and prepare for the ultimate fight. And then happened the First war of Independence in 1857.Our motherland got to see the likes of Sepoy Mangal pandey,Rani laxmi bai,and the list is endless! So the underlying point is that unless you are united , you can’t fight back. We could have actually attained our independence even much earlier if many of our political leaders wouldn’t have been busy in their ego tussles, which did nothing but create more chaos and a state of anarchy only. But there was an immense invisible unsaid power in the unity of our fellow countrymen, that power of unity was too much for the Britishers to handle! Such is the power of “UNITY”. It can overthrow even the most austere and stern  autocratic  governments of this world.

“Unity” is needed everywhere . Its just not that we always unite to fight against something or to conquer any territories  . Uniting is not all about the big and powerful nations of this world forming allies and going into wars with each other. Thats a much broader sense of ‘unity’ that we see. But actually it is needed in every sphere of our society. What can be a better example than cricket to elaborate the given point . We live in a country that worships cricket! And here cricketers are considered as Gods! However have we noticed one thing that when our ‘GODS’ play, their outcome of that particular match depends directly on the fact that how well they have played as an unit. It isn’t when an ‘individual’ performs u win matches but you win only when a ‘team ’performs. TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More .One  needs team work in order to have a steady growth and consequently excel. Not only cricket but all other sports need and apply the same mantra. Even the reel world follows this motto of  ‘ unity’! A very big  and diligent team works day in and day out just to assure that we have a wonderful 2 hours at the cinema hall. The working of  every government and corporate sector heavily depends on   how much are their employees united. There should exist  both an inter and intra departmental harmony and understanding amongst all the departments for their smooth functioning. These are just a very few rudimentary examples which clearly shows that how much this “unity” is required even in our day to day life. It is like that spirit which we can never see but can feel its presence 24 by 7.

We have seen what not can this unity amongst country, organisations and individual do. We aren’t unaware of the wonders it can do. But have we actually united as a nation after getting independence? Have we or our current days leaders have addressed ones problem as everyone’s ? I guess the answer would be negative. We have attained freedom from the Englishmen but poverty, illiteracy, famine, corruption and terrorist attacks have made us their slaves. We still haven’t been able to free ourselves from this never ending curse. Actually partially we are also to blame ourselves for this deplorable condition of ours. The constitution gives us the right to select our leaders, the leaders who will unite us and look towards our progress and development. But our top notch leaders have failed in doing both the above said jobs. So is it we fall short in scrutinizing our future leaders properly? Or is this the general human tendency to not to look back at those steps of the stair which take us to the top. Children are being abused. Little ones who should be holding pen and  pencil in their hands are holding onto boot polish and broomsticks. Women, who is the God’s most pristine creation . Whose idols we worship all round the year. Our mother, the first women in our life,  the one who brings us into this world and prepares us to face this world and what are we doing to respect that women? Brutally hurting her now and then everywhere in the country? Making her live a life that makes her wish it would have been much matter to die than to live a life of fear everyday? These are just a few major problems that needs to be quickly addressed. Our country needs to get united again. We need our Second war of independence against our present day atrocious rulers named corruption, unemployement, draught and poverty. Then we had Gandhiji , now we need more of Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejrival and those many other social reformers who have sacrificed their lives for their motherland. We need to get united. We need to be a team.Then I am sure we would able to relive the actual idea of ‘independence’ that our fore fathers fought for and gave away their lives in real sense. Thus the time again and again proved that“UNITY IS STRENGHT” and it is the basic nessessicity or in other words the foundation for any society’s progress and overall development.

By: Harsh Agarwal

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