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Unknown facts about the movie ‘Venom’ releasing today

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The latest interesting news that everyone is talking about is the movie ‘Venom’ which is getting released today.

Last seen in the movie, Spiderman 3, this creature tried messing up with Peter Parker but failed. Ever since, this creature has been on the lookout to strike back. And this time it is with the movie ‘Venom’ itself.

So, what exactly is ‘Venom’?

Venom is a super duper powerful alien creature that has lived for thousands of years. It basically is a black mass which needs a host to survive. What it does is, it bonds itself with the host and then ends up creating a hybrid lifeform which is every bit of evil you can imagine.

The interesting news about the movie is that this time the villain will be stronger and prominent than ever.

What can we expect out of the movie?

The trailer of the movie is out and by the looks of it, it definitely seems to be promising. And with a huge fan following of Spiderman, this movie is already becoming a viral and interesting news in India as well. But the point is, ‘Is Venom that big of a villain who can handle a whole movie on itself?’ I mean, wasn’t Venom the result of Spidey’s screw up?

If Spiderman hadn’t got rid of the black suit, which apparently was ‘Venom itself,’ it would have never stuck on to Eddie Brock. Eddie being the low level journalist who hates Peter to the core, could only wish this much from his unforgiving life.

Nevertheless, the main aim of Venom would be to get revenge from Spidey. The movie will tell how far this revenges thingy goes. But the character of Venom is enhanced to a nice level, which is worth appreciating.

Did you know about these facts of Venom?

Most of you just know that Venom is an alien creature who sticks itself to the host like a parasite, but trust me there is so much more to this villain. Here are such unknown facts about the Venom which will make you want to watch the movie, at least once, if not twice.

  1. The whole concept of ‘Venom’ came from a 22 year old boy, who suggested that Reed Richards should create a black suit for Spidey which is made out of unstable molecules. He sent a letter to Marvel’s then Editor-in-chief James Shooter in 80’s, who took up this idea seriously and a year later the movie Secret wars got released with the character ‘Symbiote’ in it.
  2. The character ‘Venom’ was actually supposed to be a female.
  3. The sound used for the character ‘Venom’ screaming in actuality is the sound of a Tasmanian devil.
  4. The ‘Venom’ was supposedly in love with Spiderman.
  5. The Venom didn’t just bond to Eddie because he was the nearest guy in the room- his primal hatred of Spider-Man equalled the symbiote’s after Spidey separated it from his body.
  6. Spiderman’s spider sense cannot work on Venom anymore because of the time Spidey spends with this Symbiote, he practically transferred the power which cancels out this sense.
  7. The Venom gets weakened by fire and sound.
  8. The power of a Symbiote is basically to enhance the urges you already have within you. It just makes you stronger to achieve them.
  9. When Eddie required money, he sold the Symbiote off to Angelo Fortunato. But he died shortly after, when Venom detached itself from him mid-way while falling off a skyscraper during one of the Spiderman’s hunt.
  10. Eddie Brock even tried to commit suicide before truly becoming one with the Venom.

In Conclusion:

This movie is already in hype and creating interesting news all across the globe. Now all that is left is the wait for it to hit theatres today so that people can truly judge how cool the movie is. Till then, it’s speculation time people. Have fun.

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