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UP police: Foreigners can lodge F.I.R. in their mother tongue

Foreign tourists visiting Uttar Pradesh can now lodge their complaint to the police in their mother tongue.

The initiative has been taken by the police department after a spate in rise of crime against the visitors. Around 30 lakh foreign nationalists visit the state every year.

The state government to streamline the project initiated by the state police is to float tender calling for foreign language experts. The lingo specialists will be the contact person between the visitors and the state police.

Anil Agarwal, additional director general of police (ADG) and head of the Linguistic project said, “Uttar Pradesh has large number of Buddhist tourist from Thailand. Thai foreign language expert is in our top priority.”

The senior police officer added that according to the ratio of visitors’ language experts or communication officers will be hired.

The state police department is also preparing a telephone directory of linguistic professors and PhD scholars of foreign languages studying in various central universities and government run universities.

“If a foreigner, with less noted dialect calls for help then our officers will contact a professor or PhD scholar having knowledge of the complainants language via whatsapp, phone call or video calling,” added the ADG.

The government is planning to invest around Rs 2,300 crore in the project and it will be operational by October. The government will enroll 750 women on desk to attend distress calls of people staying in the state along with foreign and national visitors.

According to UP police diaries in year 2014, total of 66 cases were reported by foreigners, six female visitors had reported sexual harassment, 8 were robbed, 29 foreigners became victims to thieves and 23 reported complaints under miscellaneous sections.

The UP government has marked Agra as the most vulnerable city for foreign tourists. According to 2014 NCRB report, the foreign visitors are highly vulnerable of becoming victims in the state after Delhi and Goa.

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