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Upcoming time can get more difficult than the existing, says astrologer J.L Kataria

On 25 May, Mercury has entered its zodiac association Gemini. One of the best Vedic astrologers in Delhi – JL Kataria predicts worsening of the situations amidst already pertaining severe coronavirus crises in the face of a series of storms and earthquakes. Kataria holds destructive Rahu responsible for the unprecedented adversaries brought to the whole humankind by the Covid-19 pandemic.

JL Kataria says, “Gemini is a one of the wind principle (vayu tattva) zodiac sign. Mercury and Rahu both are one of the main reasons behind the creation of wind principle. Consequently, there will be a rise in coronavirus positive numbers, we might also experience thunderstorms and earthquakes. This all can result in the loss of human lives.”

Mercury and Rahu will co-exist together in Gemini till 2 August. From 14 June to 16 July, Sun will make the move to share a house with Rahu and Mercury. Rahu and Mercury placement altogether cause jad dosh, resulting failures in decision makings. On the other hand, the sum of Sun and Rahu can cause fires, terrorist attacks, murders, war, and other mishappenings.

Moreover, on 30 June, Vakri Jupiter will transit into Sagittarius until 20 November. From 30 June to 23 September, Vakri Jupiter will share its position in the natal chart with Ketu creating Chandal Dosh. This could result in an outbreak of another virus alongside with coronavirus as Covid-19 appeared with the conjuncture of Jupiter and Ketu. The presence of Saturn in Capricorn will continue to create havoc and fear amongst the people.

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 5/6 June will be visible in India from 2316 to 2634. This penumbral Lunar Eclipse would appear without sootak. Solar Eclipse will occur on 21 June from 9015 to 1504. Sootak will begin from 20 June 2116 till the sunset. JL Kataria is one of the best Vedic astrologers in Delhi and is popular for his accurate predictions.

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