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US and South Korea conduct joint military drill amid standoff with North Korea

US and South Korea have started their joint military drill amidst growing tension with North Korea. Just few days back, the US and North Korea had exchanged bitter words and warnings to annihilate each other with nuclear weapons. Now, the joint military drills are going to further annoy North Korea. The joint military drills are part of the annual military exercise called the Ulchi Freedom Guardian drills. The prime focus of the joint drills is computer simulated war games. North Korea has always protested these war games and this year too, it has raised its objections. North Korea said today that the military drills of US and South Korea are a reckless move and it could trigger a full-scale nuclear war. However, the US and South Korea appear to be quite unfazed with the constant barbs of North Korea.

The military drills involve around 17,500 American troops and 50,000 South Korean soldiers. Most of the warfare training is conducted on simulation computers, which is an innovative way to avoid the tremendous efforts and costs that go into a live military drill involving real arms and ammunitions and other military hardware. The joint team of US and South Korea said that the drill was of a defensive nature and it does not include plans to attack North Korea.

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