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US changes its export control laws to benefit India

In a development that highlights the deepening ties between the United States and India, the US government has tweaked its export control laws to facilitate smoother transfer of technology and arms to India. Recognizing India as a “Major Defense Partner”, the US government has created a presumption of approval, which will enable Indian companies to import Commerce Department-controlled military items. This will cover all types of weaponry and related technology, excluding only those systems and equipment related to weapons of mass destruction.

Terming it as a significant development, president of US India Business Council (USIBC), Mukesh Aghi said that he is extremely pleased to see India being recognized as a “Major Defense Partner”. He said that his organization was always in support of this status and now it has become a reality. India’s recognition as a “Major Defense Partner” implies that India will now have access to the most advanced defense technology and systems. It also means that the chances of India being denied license are quite rare.

“Indian and US companies operating in India can seek VEU status for both civil and military manufacturing, and by doing so, they do not need to obtain individual licenses. This makes it far more convenient to build a global supply chain and react quickly to changing market conditions,” explained Benjamin Schwartz, USIBC’s Director for Defense and Aerospace.

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