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US considers India more reliable; rebukes China and Pakistan

In what experts are saying as a major shift in India-US ties, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said today that US finds India as a reliable partner in today’s chaotic social, political and economic conditions present in the world. This was the first major India policy speech given by the US Secretary of State in the Trump administration. At the start of the speech, Tillerson wished everyone a happy Diwali in India and across the globe as well. He said that India would be an important partner for the US in the next 100 years since it has a significant role to play in the Indo-Pacific region. He said that US and India will work together to benefit each other and focus on establishing peace and stability. Tillerson said that defense ties between the two countries are already on the rise and energy cooperation is also expanding.

He said that relations between any two countries are based on the interactions between its people and in this area, the two countries already share an advantageous position. He said that 1.2 million Americans visited India in 2016 and 4 million Indian Americans already live in the US. He pointed out that trade and business is growing and value of bilateral trade between the two countries has reached a massive $115 billion. During his speech, Tillerson targeted China and said that China has undertaken provocative actions in the South China Sea. Tillerson also talked about Pakistan ad said that the country should change its old ways and work towards peace and prosperity.

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