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US Court orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $110m to a woman for talc-induced ovarian cancer

After 62-year old Lois Slemp from Virginia, Missouri filed a case in a US court claiming that using Johnson & Johnson (J&J) talcum powder gave her ovarian cancer, the court has ordered the company to pay $110m to the woman. The prosecutors had argued that there were no appropriate warnings displayed on talcum powder manufactured by J&J. Even though it has not yet been conclusively proven that long-term use of talcum powder, especially in the genital area, can cause ovarian cancer, the court has ordered the company to compensate the affected woman to the tune of $110m. The amount comprises $5.4m in compensatory damages and $105m in punitive damages.

Clinical trials have so far led to mixed results, with some indicating a link between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer, whereas others have not been able to establish any such link. The woman said that she used J&J talcum powder for more than 4 decades, which led to the onset of ovarian cancer. She said that she used products such as J&J’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder. The woman’s cancer has spread to her liver and she is currently undergoing chemotherapy. It may be recalled that similar lawsuits have been filed against J&J in the past and the compensation awarded in this case has been the highest so far.

Meanwhile, J&J has refused to accept the link between its talcum powder and ovarian cancer. The company said that it will soon file an appeal against the verdict.

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