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US defense expert praises India for showing maturity in Doklam border standoff

As China continues to spit fire over the Doklam border standoff issue, a US expert has praised India for displaying a mature behavior and not reciprocating fire with fire. The top American defense expert said that India’s behavior vis-a-vis the Doklam border issue is quite similar to that of a mature power. His statement has made China look like an adolescent child who seems to know nothing other than to throw a tantrum. In his statement, professor of strategy at US Naval War College James R Holmes said, “New Delhi has done things right thus far, neither backing away from the dispute nor replying in kind to Beijing’s over-the-top rhetoric. It is behaving as the mature power and making China look like the adolescent throwing a temper tantrum.”

Meanwhile, reports indicate that China is now putting pressure on Bhutan to corner India. It may be recalled that India entered the dispute because Bhutan had voiced concerns that China is constructing a road on its territory. If China succeeds in putting pressure on Bhutan and make it change its statement, it would cause a major embarrassment for India. Bhutan has already been told to not to get intimidated by the threats and warnings issued by China. On the other hand, Bhutan has requested India to resolve the issue amicably in the interest of peace in the region. Reports also indicate that India has increased troops in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, as China may try to enter Indian territory at these borders.

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