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US resumes premium processing of H-1B Work Visas

Newspatrolling: In a relief to professional globally including those from India, the United States has restarted the premium processing of H-1B Work Visas. The work has been started in all categories, even though the limit mandated by the Congress is being followed. The work has resumed around 5 months after it was suspended on a temporary basis. The suspension was attributed to the huge number of applications received. It may be recalled that the H-1B Work Visas are a non-immigrant visa. It helps US companies to hire foreign workers in areas that may require theoretical or technical expertise. The H-1B Work Visas are used majorly by the tech companies who utilize it to hire thousands of workers every year. In recent times, there’s been a lot of protests against such visas by the local people in the United States. They claim that they are losing their jobs, as people from outside the US are willing to work at cheap rates.

The limit mandated by the Congress for financial year 2018 is 65,000 H-1B Work Visas. Premium processing has also been restarted for the 20,000 additional applications that are provided every year to hire workers with a US higher educational degree. When the applicant files for a premium processing service, their request is processed within 15 days. In case the visa is not processed within 15 days, the premium fees charged is returned to the applicant, even though the processing will continue in an expedited manner.

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