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US threatens allies with consequences if they do not support their policies

Newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley makes a statement upon her arrival at U.N. headquarters in New York CityThe United States Ambassador to the United Nations and former Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley has said that any country which does not support  the policies of the new Trump administration, will be publicly named and shall have to face the full wrath of the US Government.

Ms Haley made these comments as she arrived at the UN Headquarters in New York to present her credentials UN chief, Secretary General Antonio Guterres. She had earlier said that the UN has to change the way it is operating. Any money being spent on anything unnecessary has to be curbed and must be stopped.

President Trump was to appoint a committee to review the expenditure and activites of all the foreign and local bodies that receive funding from the US Government. His aim is to reduce the funding to all these bodies by half, although no such executive order was expected for the same.

The USA is the largest contributor to the budget of the United Nations. It gives 22% of the $5.4 billion of the core UN budget and 28% of the $7.9 billion peacekeeping budget.

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