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US warns Pakistan to take action against Haqqani Network

United States has given a stern warning to Pakistan, saying that if it does not act against the Haqqani Network, it could face a serious dent of trust and ties between the two countries. US Senator John McCain said that Pakistan has two options, either it could take action to eliminate the Haqqani Network from its soil or face a shift in policy that America has for Pakistan. McCain gave the warning to Pakistan while he was speaking at an event in Kabul in Afghanistan. The US is planning to send more troops to Afghanistan, since the Taliban have been rising again in the county and Afghan forces are finding it difficult to tackle them.

“We have made it very clear that we expect they will cooperate with us, particularly against the Haqqani network”, McCain said. “If they don’t change their behavior, maybe we should change our behavior towards Pakistan as a nation”. It may be recalled that McCain had visited Islamabad in Pakistan a day earlier. Pakistan government claims that McCain has reaffirmed the country’s role in regional stability.

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